This service helps finding the accurate position of any dam recorded in the EEA database that comes from a processingfrom the Icold "Register on large dams" and other sources of information. As registered user, you have been given a login an a password that enables you to edit the position of dams in your circumscription.

When you are logged in, the number of dams you are in charge of appears in the Statistics box and the map of these dams is displayed. Then you can either:
Click on a dam on the map to zoom on this dam
Click on "dam validation" on the top menu line. In this case, the list of the dams you are in charge of is displayed along with their validation status

The second case is the general way of correcting dam position. Select a dam by clicking on its name, and a window with the guessed position of dam is displayed. You can add topographic and / or EuroGeographics rivers and lakes on the map or replace the satellite image by the Image2000 image (I2K button) or display the dam over the cartographic layer of Europe (EEA button).

Position the mouse cursor at the correct place of the dam, helping with the zoom (ladder scale and navigation (arrows or dragging the background with mouse left button kept down).

Once happy with the new position, validate it and if necessary, insert comments. if the final position is uncertain, but you want mark that you have seeked for the dam, set the validated coordinates to joker (N/A button) and validate. In this case, only the guessed position is displayed, but hte dam is marked as "validated" The captions can be displayed in any listed language after the ad hoc field has been populated with its translation. This operation can be done only if you have administrator privileges. Contact the EEA if needed.